The New Super Hero Healthy Man and Nutra Girl!

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Healthy Man was at a NYC Street Fair

Healthy Man was at a NYC Street Fair

Healthy Man the Super Hero is out there Promoting Good Health and a Healthy life style with 2 new products for promoting better Nutrition and Lifestyle choices for Kids, and Teenagers with the Healthy Man Comic Book and the Healthy Man Coloring Book

Healthy Man Spokes Model Rebecca Landrith

Healthy Man at The Fair

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Saturday Night Healthy Dinner Out at Alberto Italian Ristorante in Forest Hills




What I ate for dinner:

I shared a caesar salad with my wife {a real caesar has no mayonnaise}

I shared a plate of mussels in marinara sauce.

My entre was a grilled salmon steak with string beans.

A glass of Pinot Noir red wine.

A small piece of  chocolate mousse.

Don't be shocked that I ate mousse. My intake of sugar and  fat was so low for the day that my body quickly metabolizes the sugar and fat in the dessert. 






Quick Healthy Lunch on Sunday

My wife and I were doing some errands nearby our house and wanted to have a Quick lunch.

We went into a Wendy's and I had:

     a grilled chicken sandwich {lettuce and tomato only}

     a side salad with low fat dressing

     a bottle of water

My wife had half a baked potato instead of the salad

A Healthy quick lunch on the go!!!!!


How I got through the Holiday meals HEALTHFULLY!

Hors D Oeuvres: 3 carrot sticks and two potato puffs

Appetizer:One piece of Gefilte Fish{no sauce}

Salad: Lettuce,tomato and Low fat Viniagarette dressing

Soup: 4 oz Matzoh Ball{1 ball}

Entre: 6oz Turkey{no Gravy}

Sides:4oz Brocoli pudding and 2oz string beans

Dessert: 4oz chocolate mousse

Beverages: One glass pinot Noir and water

Very full but within healthy limits, The Healthy Man WaY  





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